Year 471

I was originally going to post some smart-ass update about how many years it has been since Copernicus died at age 70. Then, I was going to regale you with my tales of Minecraft adventures. But instead, here, just have a screenshot and a brief story.

This is how I play Minecraft. I put it on Hardcore mode. I pretend like my character has been banished from hell, doomed to walk the duck and pig and villager-infested earth until he can redeem himself.  Should he fail by me dying, the world is deleted and he is no more.

I “win” Minecraft this way by giving myself a stopping point.  I have to build a portal to the netherworld, step through it, and that is how I win.

Bonus points if you have a floating upside-down lava pentagram in the sky, and your portal is surrounded by rose bushes.

I file Minecraft under art, because that’s what games are.

Lovely Evening